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Muni Long

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This week on Spout Podcast, we go long with Muni Long. Muni Long tells the story behind her hit single "Made for Me," revealing how, why, and where it came to life. Muni shares the profound influence of Charlie Puth's co-sign and opens up about her unique connection with her day-one fans. 

Discover the genesis of the Muni Long persona and explore the nuanced differences between being a songwriter and a full-fledged artist. Muni Long gives us an insider's look into her creative process, including how she finds inspiration to write chart-topping hits for icons like Rihanna and Selena Gomez. 

She discusses her mission to save R&B music, highlighting its significance and her dedication to its revival. Plus, she gives host Tamara Dhia some inside scoop on her anticipated new album. 


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