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Join host Tamara Dhia on this week's episode of the Spout Podcast as she chats with rising Country star Dasha. Known for her hit song "Austin," Dasha shares her journey from California to the heart of Country music. Despite critics questioning her authenticity, Dasha proudly embraces her unique sound.

Dasha opens up about how Taylor Swift inspired her to start writing music at 8, describing herself as a dramatic child who released her first song at 13. She recounts the surreal experience of performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the thrill of seeing her country idols sing along with her at the CMT Awards.

Dasha also talks about her brief venture into pop music and why she returned to her country roots. With the upcoming deluxe edition of her album "What Happens Now" on the horizon, this episode is packed with insights into her creative process and her love for country music.

Tune in to hear Dasha's inspiring story and what’s next for this talented artist.


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