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In this episode of the Spout Podcast, Tamara Dhia sits down with the multi-talented artist and actor Joe Keery, known in the music world as DJO. They dive into the story behind his moniker and set the record straight on its pronunciation. Joe opens up about the inspiration for his artist name and the journey leading up to his sophomore album "Decide," featuring the viral sensation "End of Beginning."

Discover the unexpected rise of "End of Beginning.". Joe shares his thoughts on why this track resonates so deeply with listeners and whether he anticipated it becoming a new Chicago anthem.

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as they discuss Joe's encounter with Taylor Swift at a recording studio, sparking rumors of a potential collaboration and showcasing the formidable power of the Swifties. Joe also teases the possibility of new music and how the success of "End of Beginning" might influence his future projects.

Reflecting on his acting career, Joe talks about the bittersweet experience of filming the final season of Stranger Things and what fans can expect. He opens up about his feelings on saying goodbye to his beloved character, Steve Harrington, and discusses the potential for future collaborations with his fellow castmates.

Tamara and Joe also explore his fans' creativity, including the popular Steve Harrington edits on TikTok, and his reaction to them. They touch on his upcoming roles in Fargo and the film Cold Storage, and what lies ahead in his acting career.

Finally, Joe shares his artistic preferences between acting and music and gives his take on the potential TikTok ban and its implications for artists like himself.


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