With her debut solo single “Have Mercy” burning up the music charts, Chloe Bailey seems poised for an explosive solo career. As one half of the Grammy-winning group, Chloe and Halle, the young star is not new to the blinding lights of fame. But stepping out on her own, under the mentorship of Beyoncé, Chloe is blazing her own trail and has the internet talking about it every step of the way.

“I’d much rather people speak about the things they are speaking instead of saying I’m not talented because no one has ever said that. No one has said I can’t sing or I can’t dance.  I’d rather be too much of something good than too little of anything. “

In this episode of the Spout Podcast, Chloe Bailey talks about her upcoming album, the advice Beyoncé and Jay Z gave her, owning her sexiness and the critics who say she is doing “too much.”