BTS spouts off on McD’s, their pre-promotion process, who’s the best chef in the group, the most challenging part about putting out new music, and deliver a special message for their new fans just starting to binge on BTS.


You know them for their songs, videos, and epic performances but there is always something even their super fans don’t know until now.


Not every artist has over 50 million people following their every move on Instagram, or is getting calls from Mariah Carey giving life advice. That’s partly why Billboard named Anitta as more influential than Beyonce, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. In episode 19, the Brazilian and Sports Illustrated model spouts off...

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Ed Sheeran

With four Grammy Awards, over 50 million albums sold and holding the Guinness Book of World Records for most concert tickets sold, Ed Sheeran's achievements are astounding. But even after his remarkable successes, Ed Sheeran carries himself like...

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The 'A' in AJR, Adam Met, is not only an incredibly successful independent musician, but he's also a graduate of both Columbia and NYU, the founder/executive director of Sustainable Partners Inc, and a philanthropist with a passion for...

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Sofia Carson

With a list of projects that spans the full spectrum of film, TV and music, Sofia Carson is a triple threat, but she considers being a philanthropist her most important role. At a young age, her mother told her that the greatest responsibility in...

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Madison Beer

Being under the difficult lens of social media since the age of 12, Madison Beer knows far too well the impact online bullying can have on a person’s mental health.   In this episode, she shares how the advice society gives to young people on handling...

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